09 Jun 2016

It's time to unleash your inner Picasso at Squitchy Lane.

All through Gumboot Season in July, http://www.gumbootseason.com.au , we are encouraging visitors to show us their artistic skills. We'll supply the canvas, the paints, brushes and whatever else you need (nude models excepted) to create a masterpiece right here in the cellar door.

It's only $10 to enter and you can take the canvas home with you or leave it for our expert judge to assess. There is a prize for the best piece.
Paint the glorious view from the deck, paint a still life featuring glasses of wine, paint an abstract expression, paint a selfie, paint whatever you feel. Just paint.
By the way, wearing gumboots is strongly encouraged.


Here is a picture painted last week by one of our cellar door visitors: