08 Mar 2018

With the last few weeks of warm weather ahead of us, what better time to talk about our 2017 rosé? It's a new direction for Squitchy Lane but it's proved to be a successful one, with a gold medal at the 2017 Yarra Valley Wine Show and great reception at our cellar door. Some people express surprise at the very pale colour so I explain that we make this wine just as if we were making Champagne where delicacy and finesse are the keywords. We don't want extraction of colour and tannins so we press whole bunches very lightly and run the juice straight to old barrels for fermentation. It's bottled early and that's about it. The use of cabernet franc and merlot is the secret and that's where the lovely crisp, floral and leafy flavours come from. I'm drinking a lot of this wine at home which is a pretty good sign. Last week, I bought a beautiful local smoked trout and made a salad with it, some boiled and sliced new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, a vinaigrette dressing with a scattering of salad leaves, topped off with some black olives and capers and of course a glass or two of rosé--bliss!

And the good news is that the 2018 (still fermenting in barrel) looks very similar in flavour and style--and, of course, colour.