04 Dec 2016

During Pinot Noir month at cellar door we ran a mystery wine tasting with visitors encouraged to identify a wine poured blind.
We received many interesting answers ranging from French Grenache to Chilean Pinot Noir. Plenty of people doubted our altruism and assumed we would not use a wine that wasn't from Squitchy Lane.
As it turned out, the wine was NOT one of ours. It was in fact 2015 Josef Chromy Pinot Noir from Tasmania.
Four people were correct in naming Tasmania although no-one named the producer. So, we put these four names in a hat and drew out a winner:

Anne Laracy, from Mona Vale in NSW.

Six bottles of Squitchy Lane Pinot Noir are on their way to the lucky winner.
Thanks to all who took part. We will run another competition during winter when we plan a Cabernet Sauvignon month.