02 Aug 2018

Well, that's not quite true--we have always made vegan-friendly wines but we didn't tell anybody. Now, with so much press and publicity about veganism, it's perhaps time to tell the story.
For hundreds of years, winemakers have used various products, known as fining agents, to clarify and stabilise wine. The major purpose of animal products in fining is to reduce tannins and astringency, making wine smoother and more palatable. Such products include egg whites, gelatine and skimmed milk.
At Squitchy Lane, we work very carefully in the vineyard and winery to make sure our wines are balanced and supple, thus avoiding the need for any fining. We think that's always better for the wine.
So you can drink our wines, safe in the knowledge that they contain no animal products and that no such products were used in the winemaking process.