17 Jun 2011

Continuing the metaphorical approach to wine description, here's my take on the 2011 Pinot Noir. The thing you need to remember about 2011 is that it could have all gone badly wrong at any moment as the photograph above illustrates. We did survive but it was a wild ride.
There were times when I thought
we were about to be hammered, and I am sure the gentleman in the photo felt the same way as he was riding this monster.
But in the end, there was beauty and truth. Those of you who surf may understand exactly what I mean and those who don't may prefer to wait until they can taste the wine. It's turning out better than we might have hoped as we stared at another rainy, cold day in February. In fact, it's turning out like a respectable Burgundy. It's got the forest-floor characters, it's got the slightly funky and leafy notes and it's got the very-difficult-to describe-accurately dusty/earthy thing. We will follow its progress with great interest, given how much of ourselves we invested in it.
By the way, the 2010 is about to be released. It will be available on the website from July 1st.