24 Apr 2015

It’s been a long time….but that’s the thing about winemaking–sooner or later, it comes around again. We have just finished our last pressing of the 2015 harvest so here’s an update:

What a good season we have had. Scarcely any rain, no heat spikes, moderate weather all the way into mid-April and so the grapes have been as good as you could possibly want.

Pinot Noir looks great–similar to 2013 with fleshy, jubey fruit and structure. It’s ripe and succulent but needs some time in barrel to show its true worth. We did separate one small parcel for Peter’s Block release but it all looks so good, we may just put it all together.

Fume Blanc reminds me of the 2010–lovely gooseberry and preserved lemon-like fruit with mouth-watering acidity yet a full, rich palate. It’s a slow fermetation but we are allowing the natural yeast to go their own way.

Bordeaux varieties are spectacular. The colour on the Cabernet ferments is just so vivid while the Cabernet Franc has a juiciness that sets it apart. Even the Merlot is first-class.

I will post regualr updates on the wine progress. It’s endlessly fascinating to see how they respond to barrel maturation (although I think we should all adopt the French term “elevage”, meaning upbringing or educating–it’s a better description than maturation). The different barrel types and ages, from different French forests, all play their part.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the current releases, especially that 2013 Pinot Noir.