01 Mar 2012

Here is a bin of our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc awaiting transfer to the winery for crushing, pressing and fermenting in barrels whence it will become our 2012 Fume Blanc. In barrel, the ferments have a similar character to the 2011 wine, probably tighter and more lifted in fruit profile than the 2010. By the way, I think the 2010 Fume Blanc could lay claim to being the most successful Squitchy Lane release ever. Now, success can be measured in many ways and I will admit to a rather non-scientific approach but I base my findings on the following:
--it's just about sold out
--more restaurants list this wine than any other Squitchy Lane release
--just about every cellar door visitor who tries it is immediately won over. I think it has the best strike rate of any wine on tasting
--it's a new label, with a new name, and therefore has no precedent  
And what's more, the 2011 is every bit as good. In fact, I think it's a little better.

The 2012 harvest was going beautifully until the rain. We have picked the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot  Noir and Chardonnay and now have to wait a few weeks for the Cabernets and Merlot. We were lucky in that we picked most of the fruit before the rain. We finished yesterday with a small parcel of our Burgundy clone Chardonnay. 
So far, everything looks good. I'll give a special mention to the Pinot Noir--and even though it is very early in its life, this vintage looks exceptionally promising. To be continued......