24 Jan 2011
Sydney Rock Oyster, Saccostrea glomerata

I had occasion over the holiday period to enjoy several dozen oysters. 
The first opportunity came in Narooma on the NSW south coast where the only variety of oyster you can buy is the Sydney rock. In fact, the local Parks and Wildlife rangers are vigilant in removing and destroying any Pacific oysters that they find growing on local oyster leases or rocks.This Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is an introduced species and in my opinion it should be destroyed wherever it is found on the eastern seaboard of Australia. 

Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

A taste comparison, as I was able to conduct the other night at Esposito's in Carlton, will show the superiority of the Sydney rock in all aspects except size.Pacific oysters grow very quickly, so oyster farmers may prefer them but any discerning oyster lover is likely to regard them without affection. Like many introduced species, they are aggressively crowding out the native species and our world would be poorer without the Sydney rock to enjoy with our 2010 Squitchy Lane Fume Blanc.
This wine was made with oysters in mind and it proved very successful with the ones I purchased in the shell at Tuross Lake, opened and consumed that night in Sydney.
My last oyster-eating occassion was at Catalina in Rose Bay, where a large tray was filled with ice and covered with freshly shucked Sydney Rocks. These were really fresh, very creamy and just about perfect in every way.
I have sworn never to eat another Pacific oyster in my life.