04 Mar 2012

People often ask us about the origin of the winery name, Squitchy Lane. Well, here's a tongue-in-cheek answer, taken at yesterday's wine and food festival at Southbank. You don't find lanes much more squitchy than this (it's taken from behind our stand):

 It certainly was an interesting day. Sincere thanks to all the lovely people who turned out in the rain to taste the wines of Victoria, the great majority of which were from small producers who don't often get a chance to show their wines in Melbourne.
Here's a shot of Robyn pouring a glass of 2010 Pinot Noir:

I was continually amazed at the enthusiasm and knowledge of the visitors. They loved wine, so much so that they were willing to wear one of those silly ponchos, ruin their good shoes and generally squelch around in mud in order to taste some of Victoria's best wines.
Woodstock or Glastonbury, depending on your generation.......

And it's on again today but at least the rain appears to have stopped.
Once again, thanks to all our visitors. I hope you had as much fun as we did. We look forward to meeting you again at the cellar door, especially at our sausage day on April 28.

Of course, there is a real reason for the name Squitchy Lane but you will need to look on our website to find it.