08 Jul 2016

One of the pitfalls of winemaking is what's known as "cellar palate". This can occur when a winemaker doesn't taste widely enough and gets used to the flavour or style of his own wines. These wines may be good or they may have some problems which the winemaker fails to see because he has become so used to them.
That's why I am struggling to give an impartial review of this wine. I liked it but not enough to recommend it and I wonder whether that's because it shows some of the characters I am trying to avoid when I make our Squitchy Lane Pinot Noir. I want ripeness without jamminess, richness without over-extraction, freshness without green fruit characters.
Other tasters have rated this wine highly and it has been awarded gold medals so my best advice is judge for yourself. As for me, I am making sure that I am not falling victim to the dreaded cellar palate by going out and buying lots of wine to taste.