24 Apr 2015

Here’s a link to an interesting website that lists the wine brands controlled by Woolworths and Coles.


Now I am not going to give a rant about Dan Murphy or the other big player in what is effectively a liquor duopoly in Australia–heck, I buy wine from them from time to time so really my arguing position is weak.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes useful to know what you are buying. Us small producers who cannot sell via these retail giants (we don’t have the volume or the profile they require, nor are we keen to sell at the prices they euphemistically request), love the customers who come to us direct, either by visiting our cellar door or our website. We want them to keep on coming, sure in the knowledge that they will get a wine made by us from our grapes (or maybe a neighbour’s if we’ve had a low crop), matured and bottled by us.